Paula Marie Countouris

Czerny-Turner Monochromator (2014)

Paula Marie Countouris, Melissa Haskell, Jingzhi An

Designed and created monocrhomator based on the Czerny-Turner design using two collimating mirrors, two slits, a blazed-ruled diffraction grating, and various adjustable mechanical mounts.  Calibrated and characterized the system using a ColorMunki Spectrophotometer, and then tested with various colored samples. 

Fastrunner (2011-2012)

Paula Marie Countouris, Prof. Russ Tedrake

Re-designed, machined, and tested a free swinging prototype leg for a running bipedal robot. Designed and assembled an actuation and control system including a high torque motor, controller, optical encoder, and Optotrak motion capture. Implemented open loop and PD control.

Manual Desktop Lathe (2012)

Kelsey Brigance, Lauren Chai, Paula Marie Countouris, Lauren Gust, Martin Lozano, Laura Shumaker

Modeled, designed, fabricated and tested a small bench-top lathe.   The machine was designed to cut within 50 microns (┬Ám) accuracy and was produced in three months by a team of 6 senior mechanical engineering students within a $150 budget.  Key concepts learned during the design and fabrication of the lathe included bearing fits and preloads, flexure design and FEA, HTM's and error modeling, and precision machining and measuring techniques.

FreeRim (2011)

Bryan Beller, Paula Marie Countouris, Celeste Faiuaso,  Nate Fox, Lauren Gust, Justin Krez, Sam Powers, Marcel Sanchez, Mukul Singh, Scott Sundvor, Mike Thompson, Jake Wamala, David Zhu

Designed and built prototype propulsion system for manual wheelchairs. Awarded 1st place out of 8 teams
for "Technology" and "Prototype."  Conducted user testing with Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital.

Sofa (2010)

Paula Marie Countouris, Wei Dong, Prof. Todd Machover

Designed large robotic walking couch made of plastic tetrahedral modules.

Mei Mei (2009)

Paula Marie Countouris, Wei Dong, Prof. Todd Machover

Designed and created aluminum Theo Jansen inspired robotic walking table.